Trinidad 2019

The beginning...

The Trinidad 2019 expedition was inspired by the leaf cutter ant display at The Ruth Gorse Academy. Before the expedition, we visited The Leeds Discovery Centre to look at artefacts from Trinidad. We learned about Trinidad’s history and how the country was used by slave traders as a waypoint between Africa and the Americas. Bamboo was introduced to Trinidad as a cheap, fast-growing building material that could be used to make shelters for slaves.

Legacy Talking Points

What impact can invasive species like bamboo have on the native wildlife of Trinidad?
Slavery was abolished in Trinidad in 1838. How far have we come since then?

Day 1 - The Journey
It took us 11 hours to fly to Trinidad! Once we landed, we travelled by bus from the busy centre of Piarco town to the remote William Beebe Tropical Research station deep within the rainforest. This special place is used as a base by scientists all over the world when studying the wildlife of Trinidad. Enjoy the tour by Dhruv and Dhruv!

Legacy Talking Points

The Trinidadian rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. What is ‘biodiversity’? Why is it important? Should we feel responsible for maintaining it?